I love to visit schools and interact with students of all ages.


Growing up, I adored books, making up stories, and drawing pictures, but I had no idea that regular mortals got to be authors and illustrators. They do. Being able to share a message of dreaming big is an enormous privilege.


My mission when visiting a school is to share my passion for creating stories with words and pictures and to talk about the process with all of its twists and turns. Creativity is a journey. Whether I am talking about brainstorming, rough drafts, reference, or rewriting, I emphasize that every step is extremely valuable. A major focus of presentations is to empower students to scoff at the intimidation of a blank page. Jump in. Make a mess. Figure it out. You can do it.



With a blend of storytelling, drawing, and technical details, my power-point presentations create a behind-the-scenes experience. They are tailored to be age appropriate for kindergarteners through adults.



For more information contact: lee@lisacampbellernst.com